Letter of Proposal to the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia

To the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia

Letter of Proposal

Dear NA Speaker Mr. Mirzoyan,

Dear Advocate-MPs,

Dear MPs,

There are some norms set forth in the amendments to the RA Law on the Administrative Procedure and the RA Criminal Procedure Code took effect 23 March, 2018, as well as in the RA Civil Procedure Code entered into force on 9 April 2018, that stipulate that a penalty by the court may be imposed for a maximum of 100,000 Armenian drams. These legislative amendments are directed especially against advocates. Such a legislative “lash” against human rights activities of the advocates is unacceptable in a democratic society.

These days, we still witness another process of a “lash” initiated against the advocates (human rights activities), i.e. increasing the tax burden.

We hereby propose that the possibility of application of a fine imposed against the advocates by the abovementioned codes  through legislative amendments should be abolished.

By doing this, you will also confirm that advocacy (human rights defense) is appreciated in Armenia. It will also be an impetus for the executive power to abstain from new and unfounded restrictions imposed against the advocates.


/signed by/

Nina Karapetyants (human rights defender-advocate)

Arayik Papikyan (human rights defender-advocate)

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