A monitor of Helsinki Association subjected to violence

On March 1 2011, the monitor of Helsinki Association Arman Veziryan has been subjected to violence by the police officers when he was carrying out his professional duties.

On March 1st at 19:04, during the opposition rally organised by the Armenian National Congress (ANC) party at the Mashtots-Isahakyan crossroad, police officers prevented Arman Veziryan, a human rights monitor for the Helsinki Association, from carrying out his professional duties. The police officers attempted to confiscate Veziryan’s video camera, because he was filming police officers using violence against peaceful demonstrators. Veziryan was also filming police officers trying to confiscate the camera of Ani Gevorgyan, a journalist for the Armenian Times daily newspaper.

Police officers pushed Veziryan aggressively and struck him from behind. They then tore the Helsinki Association monitor’s badge from his neck, withdrew and threw his regular camera to the ground, breaking the lens.
After the incident, Veziryan informed the Commander of the Yerevan district Police Patrol-Guard Service, Valeri Osipyan, about the assault and the violence employed against him. In response, Osipyan accused Veziryan of fabricating events, answering "Why are you lying?"





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